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First impressions count (a lot), so that’s why we have eliminated the typical hotel reception area.

The lobby is the hotel’s meeting point, and we want to make the checkin process a much warmer moment where the guest feels comfortable.

There’s a 70s jukebox and a small table where you can sit down in peace and quiet while sipping on a cocktail. Being formal isn’t our style and we want that first impression to reflect our irreverent personality.


A striking hall is a hotel’s best calling card.
This space will have a sofa in the shape of a snake crossing the room that will, as Madonna said, cause a commotion.

An open space that will become the perfect meeting point before watching a film in our cinema or having a drink on the rooftop at sunset.


In the contemporary art gallery, works by international audio-visual artists will be shown in temporary exhibitions.

We want the art interventions held in the hotel to be visual experiences that take our senses to the next level, becoming stimulating memories that you’ll strongly desire to relive.

Restaurant Bar

An elegant restaurant with a bar that can serve both inside the hotel and outside in theswimming pool area.

A space where art, gastronomy and music merge into a single concept that sums them up perfectly.

Pool Area

Another of the hotel’s strong points is the pool area, which aims to be the resurgence of the American Dolce Vita.

There will be a DJ booth in the shape of a classic Miami beach hut, taking its cue from Paradiso’s booth. The lower part will be set up for the DJ and the upper part will be used for performances.

There’ll also be a backstage with a circular sofa with capacity for about 20 people that runs around the booth.


The hotel’s jawdropper, just like the Zero Suite in Paradiso or the chapel in Romeo’s, will be a pink Cadillac Eldorado, fitted out as a Jacuzzi, called: THE CADUZZI


One of the hotel’s biggest highlights is a classic cinema located in its interior (with red velvet seats and small tables with individual lamps) which is the best homage possible to the seventh art. A small temple for cinephiles that will show movies in their original language, documentary seasons… etc

The Top Bar

The hotel’s rooftop is the place for enjoying a long drink while watching the sunset.

Alongside the bar is the DJ booth and a small stage for performances.


If you wanna sleep in a superb hotel you don’t have to go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas (Ocean’s Eleven), the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles (Pretty Woman), or the Park Hyatt in Tokyo (Lost in Translation).


GRAND PARADISO’s rooms are perceived as a continuation of PARADISO’s rooms, while being more luxurious and slightly more classical in style. Conceptual details include: a “Frame TV” showing the audio-visual works of the artist whose name is on the room door, a book with content related to the artist, a framed picture with a poster of their work and the classic Marshall speakers and SMEG fridge that are now Concept’s hallmarks.

Grand Suite

The three frontal Grand Suites will have a Jacuzzi as a highlight.
As a novelty, all the room’s lighting will include a disco ball with various moods: Disco, Party, Sexy…the guest will be able to choose according to the moment he/she is in.

Venice Bay Court

For the walkway between Paradiso and Grand Paradiso we are planning a multifunctional space like in Venice Beach, which will be both a place to play sports and a social meeting point. We will take care of both the sports facilities (open-air gym, a colourful basketball court for pick-up games) and a leisure area with food trucks and a stage for live performances.